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Q: How big are the scenes?

A: The scenes are all in HD and have a "Full Screen" Button - So they can be as large as the viewer computer monitor.

Q: How many rooms do you shoot for the Interactive Panoramic Views?

A: depends which package you order, and what you need.

Q: How many still shots do you take?

A: That all depends on the size of the Property, But I take as many as needed to cover the entire home and property.

Q: How long before the tour is built and sent to my office for linking?

A: within 24 hours you get your tours after shot for sure.

Q: What does the Virtual Tour consist of?

A: The Virtual Tour has 4 webpages in it - The Interactive Panorama Page, Slideshow Page, A Google Maps® Page for Location, and if available in the area a Google Street View® Page.

Q: How can I order a tour?

A: Call me (Samuel) at 416-319-5784, or send me a Email.


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Written on 07 February 2012, 01.28 by samuel
dphome-virtual-tour-supportted-by-idvice-nowDPhome Virtual Tour supportted by iDvice now!   We now provide mobile virtual tours for any device without the need for an app.